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CT Scuderia History
As a third generation Italian watchmaker, Enrico Margaritelli's impressive career includes collaborations with Fossil as well as for Emporio Armani watch collections and his own brands of the past, Soviet watches and Key West. Enrico comes from a family of passionate watchmakers. His biggest inspiration, his grandfather, Ariodante Margaritelli; Ariodante was a dedicated watchmaker in Parma, Italy where he created highly technical precision watch instruments for the Military during World War I and II.
Café Racer Concept:

LIFE, THE SAYING GOES, is a journey, not a destination. Along the way, you discover your passions— which in turn beget inspiration, the wellspring of your life's accomplishments. What happens, though, when you take a lifetime's worth of passions and attempt to alchemize them into a single, focused inspiration? Can the entirety of a life be contained within one idea? 
Indeed it can — if the idea (and life) are worthy.

The racer's Spartan aesthetic and embrace of aggressive styling makes him (and his bike) unique among men.

Shouldn't his timepiece be the same?
The Italian essence of café-racer style embodies this to perfection —
the jacket (dress or leather), shoes (never boots, thank you) and sunglasses cohering into a singular personal, unique, style, man atop machine, ready for the next curve in the road, the next café,
the next stage of the long journey.

And so the inspiration takes the form: the life all dream of but few lead.
Will you be bold enough to seize it?

Then the CT Scuderia Café Racer is the watch for you.


Watch Construction:

The clean lines on the CT Scuderia timepieces were envisioned by Enrico's enthusiasm for experimenting with unusual shapes, lines, and patterns. With unique features of the crown and pushers positioned at 12 o'clock, the watch is also characterized as a stop-watch designed for the speedy racer. Its generous 44 mm size case can also be separated from the strap to be used as a neck watch/stop-watch alone.
The interchangeable perforated leather strap is the same leather utilized in luxury sports cars, hand-made in Switzerland, and CT Scuderia is one of the first Watch Houses to acquire RONDA movement 3520D.
Main Features:
- Interchangeable Leather and Ultra-soft Silicon straps 
- Extra Large and Reinforced Stainless Steel Buckle
-  Unique case back that honors the Italian Flag with enamel colors
- Crown & Pushers are always positioned at 12 o'clock
- Case construction is a piece of Hand Made Industrial Art: 6 o'clock horns are applied by screws which are different than the ones used at 12 o'clock as must be going around the pushers and the crown.
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